About Me

One of my favourite things about this job is getting to learn about new industries and different topics all the time.  I like anything new but have a geek’s love of technical subjects particularly engineering, science and medicine.

Although my first full time job as a content writer was working for a marketing firm where I wrote on a wide variety of subjects such as health and beauty, travel, marketing, film and finance, I quickly moved on to work for a company who produced content for the oil and gas industry.  I’ve written about oil and gas related topics ever since alongside everything else ranging from law to landscaping.

Before embarking on my dream to get the word ‘writer’ in my job title, I worked at a secondary school where I picked up my proofreading skills and gained confidence in my use of grammar.  Since graduating from the University of Manchester with a BA (hons.) in English Language and Literature and an MA in English and American studies, I have worked in a wide variety of industries - from fitness to higher education - which has given me a valuable insight into how to write for all kinds of companies, large or small.

I live in Brighton, East Sussex in a little flat with a secret garden along with my two cats, Evie and Bosie.

Picture of Leah Mooney, Content Writer