Here is what my happy clients have said about me and the service I offer

James Ross of James Ross Jewellers

I asked Leah to come up with some attention grabbing lines for an advertising campaign and she was able to help us. She listened to my requirements and came up with some great slogans for us to choose from. We sat down and chatted about what would work best for us and came up with the words to match the ad. The ad is now being produced and will be there for all to see along Church Road, Hove. I found Leah to be of a very professional nature and extremely enthusiastic about her work. I would not hesitate in recommending Leah.

Kim Hayes of Ocean Press

I am very pleased with Leah`s recent work for Ocean Press. Her ability to take my rambling thoughts and rough drafts and make them into a pleasing and engaging letter/email is amazing. In addition to this, having her handle our CRM system and send out the emails not only ensures the job gets done but also allows me to concentrate on other areas of our business. We will be continuing to use her on a regular basis and also recommending her to anyone with a similar need.

KJ Duursma of Worldwide Webdesign

As a business, we produce a lot of content - mainly in-house - but we do outsource for any number of reasons. I have known Leah for six months or so and I was impressed by her work. Recently, we had the need to outsource a large project and we passed the work to Leah who did an outstanding job on the project. She re-wrote a lot of the content and really made that website. The client also loved the work she did. I believe that Leah is one of the best content writers around and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs her services.